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Metadata format:

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      "Features": [
              "geometry": {
                  "coordinates": [
                      (string) longitude of roadway camera,
                      (string) latitude of roadway camera 
              "type": "Point"
              "properties": {
                          "assettype": "cctv" (string) type of asset described in cctv.json data,
                      "description": (string) roadway camera description,
                  "directions": (string) direction the roadway camera is facing,
                  "icon": "cctv-icon" (string) icon type as displayed on the live dashboard,
                  "id": (integer) unique roadway camera identifier,
                  "image": (string) path and file name for the roadway camera images,
                  "message": (string) message displayed for the roadway camera on the live dashboard,
                  "mile": (string) mile marker where the roadway camera is located,
                  "road": (string) road where the roadway camera is located
              "type": "Feature"

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