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The bar chart shows the percentage of Indiana’s total arrests by racial category. The arrest percentage is calculated by dividing the number of arrests of people within a specific racial category by the total number of statewide arrests. The baseline of “per 1000” allows for comparison of rates across categories. Selecting the “rate per 1000” view produces a line graph that shows the number of arrests per 1,000 individuals by race. The number of arrests per county and by race are compared to 2010 Census population 2014-2020.

Additional facts to note: 1. This dashboard shows data from the Criminal History Records Information System (CHRIS), which comes from three main sources. Arrest data comes from the Live Scan system, which is used for finger printing and capturing other pertinent information at the time of the arrest. Criminal disposition data are maintained by prosecutors in the ProsLink system, and by courts in the Odyssey system.

  1. Arrest county is determined by the location of the booking agency. If the booking agency is missing, then the arresting agency is used.

  2. The % of IN Population will not equal 100% because we are excluding non-represented racial category "Two or More Races," which accounts for ~1.7% of Indiana's population.

  3. Because some arrests are not included in the individual race categories shown here, total counts and percentages from the individual race categories add up to less than the totals for “All” races.

  4. While most dashboards in the Equity Data Portal use Census estimates from 2019, this dashboard uses 2010 Census data.

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