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This dataset provides information on the number of re-arrests by county and race. Below are a few items to note about the dataset:

  1. Re-arrest rates are given for a cohort of releases within a given year. The re-arrest rate is calculated based upon the number of individuals released that had an arrest within a year of their release date.

  2. County is based upon county of commitment.

  3. Parole violations (& possibly probation violations) are not captured in Indiana State Police (ISP) arrest data and will therefore be underrepresented in the data.

  4. Arrest data comes from the Criminal History Repository System (CHRIS). Data feeding into the CHRIS system comes from three main sources. Arrest data comes from the LiveScan system, which is used for fingerprinting and capturing other pertinent information at the time of the arrest. Criminal disposition data are maintained by prosecutors in ProsLink system, and by the courts in the Odyssey system.

  5. Arrest data are sent to ISP soon after the arrest occurs, but disposition data have a lag of approximately seven months as the case makes its way through the legal system.

  6. Text description of the original offenses are provided by the arresting officer when the offender is arrested. Later, the prosecutor's office or court provides a text description of the filed offenses, along with the Indiana Code title, article, chapter, and section (e.g.35-48-4-6). The filed offense may be amended later.

  7. The data refers to the "most recent" offenses (arrest or dispositioned).

The date range for the data is 2013 to 2020. The data provides a one-year post-release analysis on the charges of recently released individuals.

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Temporal Coverage 2013-2020