COVID-19 County-Wide Test, Case, and Death Trends

NOTE for 3/31/22: Due to changing reporting requirements, the Moving average columns are calculated with a 3 day lag, and the positivity columns will either be removed, or NULL as of 4/1/22, but historical data will continue to be available.

Number of COVID-19 cases, tests, and deaths by report date, by county. New positive cases, deaths and tests have occurred over a range of dates but were reported to ISDH in the last 24 hours.

All data displayed is preliminary and subject to change as more information is reported to ISDH. Tests are displayed by the date the test was performed and deaths are displayed by the date the death occurred. Expect historical data to change as data is reported to ISDH

Historical Changes:

3/11: Elements of this dataset will be changed 3/11 to align with the currently published Indiana COVID-19 Dashboard - Columns related to testing of unique individuals will no longer be included going forward beginning on 3/11/2022 (COVID_TESTS , and POSITIVE_TEST_RATE). The final dataset that was published with these fields, and the date column calculated using report date will continue to be available, but not updated as a historical file going forward.

2/25/2022: Date is now being calculated using specimen collection date, rather than the date the positive test was reported, which may result in differing count case by day than has been historically reported.

2/10/2022: Data was not published on 2/9/2022 due to a technical issue, but updated data was released 2/10/2022.

11/12/2021: Historical re-infections have been added to the case counts for all pertinent COVID datasets back to 9/1/2021 and new re-infections will be added to the total case counts as they are reported in accordance with CDC guidance.

06/23/2021: COVID Hub files will no longer be updated on Saturdays. The normal refresh of these files has been changed to Mon-Fri.

06/10/2021: COVID Hub files will no longer be updated on Sundays. The normal refresh of these files has been changed to Mon-Sat.

6/03/2021 : A batch of historical negative and positive test results added 16,492 historical tests administered, 7,082 tested individuals, and 765 historical cases to today's counts. These cases are not included in the new positive counts but have been added to the total positive cases.

Today’s total case counts include historical cases received from other states.

4/12/2021 : Due to a data processing issue, 285 previously reported cases and 17,076 previously reported tests administered were excluded from the total counts between 3/23 and 4/11. In today’s update, these cases and tests have been added to the total counts of pertinent datasets but are not included in the new counts.

2/4/2021 : Today’s dataset now includes 1,507 historical deaths identified through an audit of 2020 and 2021 COVID death records and test results.

12/31/20 : The issue from yesterday has been resolved. The calculation for the 7-day positivity rate moving average has been updated. Previously, a smoothing average was calculated by averaging the daily positive test rate for the current date and the six previous dates and divided by 7.

The new calculation for the 7-day positivity average that is achieved by taking the total of unique individuals or tests that were positive over the 7-day period, and dividing by the total number of tests administrated (either unique individuals, or all tests) during that same time-frame.

A code fix was also implemented to ensure that all valid positive test results are included in the all tests positivity rate calculation.

12/30/2020: (RESOLVED) The daily update for this dataset will be delayed because of changes to the average positivity rate calculation. This page will be updated once this issue has been resolved.

10/16/2020: This dataset has been updated to include the total number of tests administered that returned positive results (including all positive tests returned to the same individual).

9/25/2020: This dataset has been updated to include the cases by specimen collection date. See the updated data dictionary for more details.

8/26/2020: This dataset has been updated to include rolling averages for cases, deaths, and tests as well as two separate positivity rate calculations: Positivty rate by unique individuals tested, and positivity rate including all administered tests. See the updated data dictionary for more details.

7/14/2020: The previous column header issue recurred, keeping today's dataset from accurately updating. The error has been addressed and the dataset updated.

7/11/2020: - The previous column header issue has been resolved, and the dataset updated with the most up to date data. A column change has occurred, placing COUNTY_NAME at the end of the file, and adding in LOCATION_ID - which is the FIPS code for each county. The data dictionary has been updated accordingly.

7/10/2020: (RESOLVED) We are aware of a column header issue that occurred yesterday, and are working to resolve this with updated datasets as soon as possible.

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Field Value
Source ISDH - FSSA
Author Indiana State Department of Health
Maintainer Management Performance Hub
Last Updated June 24, 2022, 14:34 (EDT)
Created May 14, 2020, 08:33 (EDT)
Granularity Aggregate, County-Level
Language English
Spatial/Geographic Coverage State of Indiana
Temporal Coverage 2/29/2020-Present