COVID-19 Vaccination Demographics by County and District

Vaccination demographics data by county/region, by race, by ethnicity, by gender, and by age.

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Historical Changes:

06/23/2021: COVID Hub files will no longer be updated on Saturdays. The normal refresh of these files has been changed to Mon-Fri.

06/10/2021: COVID Hub files will no longer be updated on Sundays. The normal refresh of these files has been changed to Mon-Sat.

06/07/2021: Today’s new counts include doses newly reported to the Indiana Department of Health on Saturday and Sunday.

06/03/2021: Individuals are able to update their personal and demographic information during the vaccination registration process. Today’s data reflects changes made by individuals to their race, ethnicity, or county of residence over the course of their vaccination series.

05/13/2021: The 12-15 year-old age group has been added into the dataset as of today.

05/06/2021: On Monday 5/3, individuals classified as "Unknown" county of residence were inadvertently converted to "Out of State." These individuals have been corrected in today's dataset.

03/11/2021: This dataset has been updated to include totals and newly administered single dose vaccination data. Additionally the existing age groups have been further stratified into a 16-19 year old age group, and 5 year groups for 20-79 year olds.

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Granularity Aggregate, County/District Level
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Temporal Coverage 12/14/2020 - Present