Indiana 211

Indiana 211 is a free service that connects Hoosiers with help and answers from thousands of health and human service agencies and resources right in their local communities - quickly, easily, and confidentially. We use statistical data (not personally identifiable information) from calls, texts and web visits to help shed light on the nature of social needs in Indiana for decision-makers and government across the state.

As an independent 501c(3) organization, we provide free, unbiased and confidential referrals to the best resources for specific needs.

We have an experienced, responsive and compassionate team of Community Navigators who are skilled at actively listening and identifying needs and providing referrals that best meet those needs. Our Community Navigators receive 80+ hours of on-the-job- training. We respond to calls quickly, with an average speed of answer of less than 50 seconds. We continue to transform to better meet community needs and are becoming a community "hub" for centralized resources and client management.

Through data analytics and reporting, we are becoming a leader in monitoring human and health-related trends to help Indiana identify potential problems earlier and reduce threats. We are expanding our partnerships and collaborations to extend our reach and provide greater efficiencies, improved services and, ultimately, better outcomes for clients. We are making investments in integrated technology - such as phone, email, text, chat and web - to make services easier to access by more people.