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  • Indiana State Agency Cash Balance by Fiscal Year

    The cash balance dataset provides details on the state’s cash balances by fund by fiscal year. Includes previous 5 fiscal years

  • Expenditures Data

    Expenditures data provides detail on all state expenses by funding source, expense category, account, and agency. Data files are broken down into fiscal year, and quarter.

  • Vendors Data

    The vendors data provides detail of all expenditures for state vendors by agency. Vendor expenditures can be viewed by funding source, agency, function of government, and...

  • Non-General Fund Revenue

    Non-General Fund Revenue data provides detail on all state revenue by agency and fund outside of the General Fund. Revenue can be viewed by function of government, funding...

  • Assets Data

    Assets data provides detail on state assets with an acquisition cost at or above $500.

  • Purchase and Travel Card Data

    The Purchase and Travel Card data provides detail on agency credit card activity for general purchases and travel. This data can be viewed by card type, agency, and expense...